Olaplex has landed at F&M

What is it?

Developed in the US, Olaplex or “bond multiplier” helps to repair even the most bleached and heat damaged hair. It can be mixed in with colouring products to minimise damage, or used as a stand alone treatment. Since its emergence across the pond two years ago it has created a buzz on social media and was reportedly used to assist Kim Kardashian’s ice blonde bob last year.


Why is it so great?

Olaplex is essentially the only product of its kind which penetrates into the hair shaft and rejoins the bonds (disulphide, if you want to be scientific) that continually break as a result of colouring, heat damage, and bleaching. Unlike protein masks, conditioners or treatments that sit on top of the hair strand like makeup on a face, Olaplex penetrates into the cortex and strengthens the strand by repairing these broken bonds. 

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