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Brian is a Careologist Expert

When it comes to our clients, ensuring your hair is is cared for correctly and in the best condition as possible is one of the most important aspects of our role. We want to provide you with the hair of your dreams, whilst maintaining the condition and health as a priority at every single stage.

As a Wella salon, we have completed implemented every member of our team into education to ensure you and your hair are looked after.

With this in mind, our very own Brian has been going through the Wella Careologist Course - and has recently completed this 6 week qualification - 1 of only 6 in the whole of Scotland to do so. This new title and role, has seen Brian become fully qualified int he role of hair care, looking at retail knowledge and the products best suited to certain hair types and textures. This allows him to guide the full team and also clients to ensure the product choices they are making are the right ones.

Congratulations to Brian on this fantastic achievement!

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